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Everybody knows that Amazon’s marketplace is a great channel to increase sales and reach new customers. For many online businesses, it makes perfect sense to use FBA- Fulfillment By Amazon- to take advantage of Amazon Prime Memberships, free shipping offers, and other perks of fulfilling order through Amazon. However, every system has its downsides. The downfall of FBA is that they lack flexibility. FBA requires that your products need to be ready to be fulfilled upon arrival at their fulfillment centers. If they are not ready to be fulfilled upon arrival, your business will run the risk of being charged for noncompliance or even worse, refusal of inventory. Read on to learn more about the Amazon FBA prep services offered by Ship Sensei. If you are looking for a Miami fulfillment center or a California fulfillment center to fill your order fulfillment needs, call Ship Sensei  today!

Features That We Offer

Here at Ship Sensei, we are dedicated to making sure your order fulfillment needs are met and go as smoothly as possible. The services that we provide are:

  • Pick & Pack- Not only do we take advantage of an automated order fulfillment system that guarantees efficient and accurate picking and packing, we have the bandwidth to fulfill 1 to 10,000 orders every day. We also don’t believe in charging for services that have not been used, so with Ship Sensei, you only end up paying for what you use. This means that if you only ship 1 product per month, you’ll only pay a pick and pack fee for 1 product.
  • Cross-docking- Cross-docking is a process that is beneficial towards streamlining the supply chain and cutting the costs, from point of origin to point of sale. The most common arrangement we provide is hub and spoke, where inventory is brought into our warehouse, relabeled, and then reorganized for delivery to a mixture of destinations. We also handle consolidations and deconsolidations in order to take advantage of shipping discounts and ensure an overall easier shipping process. 
  • Powerful Software- Ship Sensei offers transformative technology to the fulfillment industry. We don’t just improve what’s currently offered, but rather approach the market with a mindset of redefining the industry. 

Order Fulfillment From Ship Sensei

  • Intelligent Storage- We’ve designed our storage and inventory system strategically to assign products to a designated area, optimizing storage locations and cutting costs for you. Ship Sensei equips our Miami fulfillment center and California fulfillment center with state-of-the-art security systems in order to ensure that your products are actively protected. 
  • Amazon Product Compliance- Refusal, disposal, or return of inventory can be the result of failing to comply with FBA-Fulfillment by Amazon product preparation. Charges for non compliances at the fulfillment center can also result in this. Ship Sensei prepares your inventory prior to sending it to an Amazon fulfillment center. From repacking to labeling, we guarantee that your inventory  will meet all FBA requirements.

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Ship Sensei provides state-of-the-art order fulfillment services to help you meet Amazon FBA requirements without any hassle on you. If you are looking for a Miami fulfillment center or California fulfillment center, call Ship Sensei today!

What is (SFP) Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime?

Instead of sending inventory to Amazon FBA, Ship Sensei will ship the orders out to the final customers instead of an Amazon Fulfillment Center.

What is Amazon Prep Services to Amazon FBA? 

Ship Sensei will re-pack and label your product based on your instructions and send it to Amazon following amazon guidelines.