If you’re a quickly growing business, you’ve probably found yourself handling more and more online orders— at some point it may be more than you can handle. That’s why many businesses choose to work with Ship Sensei. We handle anything and everything shipping related, from processing your online orders, to storing and packaging inventory, to delivering to your customers. Our fulfillment services are offered throughout the country, including here in California!

Why a Fulfillment Center Is The Answer

When exactly do you need the help of a fulfillment center? Well, it starts with the good news: business is booming, and you have tons of online orders to send out. The bad news: you’re quickly running out of space in your own home or physical store to hold all of this inventory. You can’t keep up with the growing and growing amount of orders, and maybe even have to hire on some more hands to help you process them. Orders may fall behind, include mistakes, or get overlooked altogether. This is not good for your business. A fulfillment center, like Ship Sensei, takes the work out of your hands and makes satisfying customers a whole lot easier. At Ship Sensei, you have total control over every factor of your inventory through our cloud-based platform, without having to stress over putting it all together yourself.

How does this work exactly? Well it’s starts with your online store— a customer places an order which comes to us. We have your inventory on stock, so we’re able to put it together, track it, and send it out. It’s that simple. This gives you time to focus on all the other aspects of your business, while we ensure that the shipping is as fast and efficient as possible.

California’s One-Stop Shop For Fulfillment Services

Ship Sensei reaches all corners of the globe. But to make things more efficient for you, we’ve expanded to the West Coast! Ship Sensei is now here in California to help connect even more businesses! We’re also excited to share that we’ve partnered with Union Logistics Inc for our LAX location. Together, we’ve seamlessly integrated all the advantages of Union Logistics with our own fulfillment platform. Union Logistics offers unparalleled full-service shipping solutions for all international product transport, by land, sea, or plane. In short, we’ll hold your inventory and process your orders, Union Logistics delivers it to your customer’s door.

When it comes to shipping and stocking, don’t get lost boundless stream of work; let Ship Sensei take care or it for you! We’re California’s one-stop shop for shipping because we provide a number of essential services such as warehousing, wholesale and retail fulfillment, e-commerce fulfillment, subscription box fulfillments, Amazon preparation, and so much more!

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Ship Sensei is spreading our wisdom all the way out to California! Whether you ship B2B or B2C, keeping track of all inventory and all those orders can be a relentless hassle. That is, if you try to do it all on your own. If you find that you’re in need of fulfillment services, Ship Sensei is the way to go. Call now!

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