Crowdfunding Fulfillment

So you have reached your Crowdfunding and/or Kickstart goal and now you have to deliver various promised products to each person that invested in your dream/goal. Not to worry, Ship Sensei is here to make this simple and seamless. 

Crowdfunding fulfillment services refer to the inventory management, picking, packing, and shipping of a product that was funded online. With this type of fulfillment, it often requires many products to be picked rapidly, packed, and shipped quickly. 

Don’t let your funders down. Get them their items quickly by contacting us now.

Here at Ship Sensei, we know how important startup services are. Startup fulfillment services will provide effective ecommerce fulfillment and inventory management, which includes the storing, picking, packing, and shipping of any of the items that you sell online. Young and growing merchants usually need third-party fulfillment logistics providers who are flexible and able to scale with them, unlike established businesses. Startups that ramp up production quickly will want a fulfillment center like Ship Sensei who is able to meet their needs in the beginning and simultaneously expand with them as they grow.

Ship Sensei is proud to work with merchants of all different sizes. Merchants of different scales are able to enjoy our transparent, cost-effective order fulfillment services. We don’t have any hidden pack fees, setup fees, and unloading fees. Ship Sensei is committed to making startup fulfillment services accessible and available to a range of online merchants. Our business model is centered around giving small and growing companies the chance to compete with national retailers by streamlining ecommerce shipping. Some of the fulfillment services that we offer to startups looking to grow include:

Distributed inventory- Ship Sensei’s warehouses give you plenty of space to scale aggressively.
Ecommerce returns- Returns make up a crucial part of the fulfillment process, and Ship Sensei offers returns management at little cost. They can quickly process and reintegrate your products back into your supply chain without a hassle.
Easy onboarding- Skip the weeks and months that other fulfillment centers can take to onboard new customers. Ship Sensei sets you up fast!

Bulk discounted shipping rates- Even as a new company in the growth stages, you can take advantage of the major discounted shipping rates Ship Sensei has negotiated for you.

World-class services- Ship Sensei wants to help fellow entrepreneurs and be a building block for startups to success. This is because Ship Sensei is committed to meeting your business’s unique fulfillment needs and will be there for you as a partner.

Ship Sensei For Your Startup and Small Business Needs

Ship Sensei is built to work with businesses of every scale. We can offer the support and prices to provide fulfillment services for startups, as well as the experience and size to turn around high volumes of product as quickly as possible. Ship Sensei is dedicated to being a partner to aid you in any step of your business, getting your products from the click of the mouse to their front doors.