Are you scared of what 2020 could mean for your E commerce logistics? You may have tried your hand at shipping products yourself, but found that it’s exhausting. Do you need a handler? Maybe you’re interested in selling clothes or trinket boxes. Have you searched “distribution centers near me?” and you live in Miami. If you have, then you’ve had to have come across our company Ship sensei. Ship Sensei has been regarded as the “best in the industry.” We offer both businesses to consumer and business to business plans, and it’s more streamlined than ever with our brand new cloud-based order fulfillment plan. On our platform, you’ll have real-time control and numerous features. Here at Ship Sensei, we offer all of this without contracts, order minimums, and no setup fees. If you’re looking for the best place to start, then look at none other than Ship Sensei.


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With Ship Sensei, you get even more savings with discounted shipping rates. You’ll also receive your own shipping accounts. Our easy to use platform boils down two decades of shipping knowledge. You don’t have to worry about the hard to read analytics if that’s not your tea. Our platform takes care of inventory, returns, orders, shipping, and more. We also handle E-commerce fulfillment, FBA Amazon preparation, warehousing, crowdfunding projects, and retail fulfillment. You won’t have to worry about your fulfillment because our service offers a 99.8% error-free service. Not only that, but your customers will be satisfied.


E Commerce Logistics 2020

Automation is another key e-commerce trend for 2020 that will have a major impact on businesses. Automation technology is quickly changing the world of e-commerce and logistics and will affect the way e-commerce companies do business in the future. “distribution centers near me,” you’ll likely find ones that aren’t as competent as Ship Sensei. They may require you to visit them for basic questions.Customer expectations are changing quickly and online merchants need to change with them to survive. Same-day shipping and same-day delivery are increasingly common. In fact, statistics show that a staggering 80% of consumers prefer a same-day delivery option at checkout. There’s no doubt, then, that this e-commerce trend will continue in 2020.Plenty of people have ordered packages, and haven’t even had them reach the door. Some packages are delayed, and some are never delivered altogether. We don’t allow that to happen here at Ship Sensei because we do our best to make your brand look as high as possible. Our warehouse is organized and neat. Let’s face it. Shipping business can get out of control if handled poorly. Orders can be misplaced or destroyed. We don’t allow such disorderly dysfunctions at Ship Sensei.


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E Commerce logistics don’t get better than Ship Sensei. We will always pop up when you search up “distribution centers near me,” because Miami business and people know we’re the most trusted distribution center. Next time you’re looking for a distribution center in Miami, visit our website or call us at 786-703-2140.