The ecommerce website of a company needs to highlight the factors that make prospective customers want to buy. Typically, both convenience and cost savings tend to resonate with consumers, especially with those who shop online. It’s important to be informed regarding ecommerce fulfillment and there’s many things that should be kept in consideration. A company’s ecommerce needs to be able to meet its fulfillment needs, and just as you’d write about the features and benefits that appeal to your target audience in your product descriptions, you should also promote any shipping offers that cater to people who want the fastest and/or cheapest deliveries. It’s essential to establish confidence in customers that they will receive their products in the most efficient manner possible. After all, you don’t want your customers to be led somewhere else since you don’t offer 2-day shipping, when you can use Ship Sensei’s Express shipping. Read on to learn more about how ecommerce and shipping connect to optimize your business. If your Miami business is looking for a Miami distribution center, call Ship Sensei at our Medley, FL office today!


Promote Your Store’s Shipping Options


By partnering with a fulfillment company like Ship Sensei, you can reliably promote shipping options and know that we will take care of it. By promoting your store’s shipping options you are making website visitors aware that they can save money, giving shoppers confidence that there won’t be any surprises at checkout, and turning more browsers into buyers and/or increasing the amount of money that customers may be spending with you. The most popular shipping-related promotion that ecommerce companies will offer is “free shipping.” 60% of ecommerce companies state that “free shipping with conditions” is their most successful marketing tool, as many customers would rather choose “free shipping” that has a value of $6.99 over a discount that saves them $10 on their purchase overall. The cost of offering free shipping through ShipSensei may be more than covered and offset by all of the additional orders and revenue you may get as a result. 


Ecommerce Fulfillment Depends On Shipping


With shipping and ecommerce fulfillment so intrinsically intertwined, it’s important to make your customers aware of your shipping options when you work with Ship Sensei and our Miami distribution center. Some ways to make your customers aware of your shipping offers include:

  • Sending free shipping offers to your email list 
  • Adding a banner on your ecommerce website to promote free shipping
  • Blasting your shipping promotion out on social media
  • Running paid advertisements to promote free or reduced shipping
  • Testing your shipping marketing campaign and keeping an eye on the results.


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Ecommerce fulfillment and shipping intertwine as offering free or express shipping through a fulfillment company such as Ship Sensei can have a great impact on your total revenue. There are many ways to promote your shipping services, and the majority of ecommerce companies cite their shipping promotions as a top promotional tactic. If your Miami business is looking for a Miami distribution center, call Ship Sensei in Medley, FL today!