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Sensei Says

Custom and Flexible Pricing

We specialize in Amazon Prep Work, E-commerce Fulfillment,
Subscription boxes, Retail/Wholesale fulfillment, and Crowd Funding Projects


Up to 30lbs

*Fragile items & items heavier than 30lbs may incur additional charges. Contact us for a custom quote.


Based on Materials

Many options to choose from (Poly mailer, Bubble Mailers, Boxes etc…)


Based on Shipping Method
We offer competitive shipping rates using carriers such as DHL, USPS, UPS and Fedex

Product Barcoding

$0.15 Per product barcode

Custom Projects

$35 per man hour


We offer Bins,shelves, and Pallet Storage

Pick and Pack Fees

as low as $0.75. Our minimum usage fee is $0.

Additional Information

Storage Costs

Based on the physical volume of your products. Call us for rate information.


If your products need barcoding, we are happy to do this when we receive the inventory. We charge $0.15 per unit for this service.

The barcodes we add are not official UPC codes. If you’re planning on selling at a retail store, you will likely be better off applying for an official UPC code and having it printed on your products before sending them.

Receiving & Returns

We charge a fee for receiving (by the pound or the pallet). Returns are calculated in the same manner as the pick and pack fee.


When preparing your items for shipment to Ship Sensei, your items must be clearly separated by SKU. Simply bagging/inner boxing each SKU and labeling the outside of the bag/box is acceptable.

Just make sure each item has a barcode, or we will gladly apply a barcode upon receiving. Please remember that each variant of your product needs to have its own SKU (Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Red etc. Or X-Large, Large, Medium, Small).

Error-free Picking

Everything coming into the Ship Sensei facility needs a barcode to maintain accuracy and to track your inventory.

Packaging Material

We stock over 500 different shipping boxes, bubble mailers, clear poly bags, white poly mailers, bubble rolls, loose fill and strapping.

We can do custom boxes, custom printed boxes, printed mailers for your large projects, custom printed tapes or just about anything you can think up.

Assembly / Sorting

If your products require assembly, sorting, or gathering, we can do this for $35 per hour of labor.

Trailer / Container Unloading


If you are expecting a trailer/container with the product on pallets, we offer competitive rates. The price depends on the volume. If the cargo is “floor loaded” and we need to off-load and palletize inventory for you, you’ll be billed based on the size of the container.

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