Subscription Box Fulfillment

What is Subscription Box Fulfillment?

Subscription fulfillment refers to the shipping of products from an e-commerce merchant to a customer on a regular, predetermined basis. These shipments can be for the same items each month, such as razor cartridge refills, or a different selection of curated products each time.

Subscription box services have snowballed in popularity over the last several years. More and more consumers are falling in love with the concept of getting monthly boxes full of themed surprise items, all while guaranteeing a certain level of quality. That said, providing subscription boxes to your audience can be more complicated than you might think. Proper shipping is comprised of many moving parts, from the box preparation, the purchase of packing peanuts or bubble wrap, stamps, the shipping of the box, and more. For subscription boxes specifically, timing is also essential, as subscribers will expect their packages on an exact date monthly. Did you know there are services dedicated to providing all those elements wrapped into one, easy location? Box fulfillment services are all about providing businesses with the ultimate one-stop-shop packaging and delivery services. We at Ship Sensei are one such company headquartered in Medley, and we believe  businesses looking to capitalize on the subscription box craze may want to look into our Miami fulfillment center or other locations to make subscription box production a breeze.

About Ship Sensei

We are a cloud-based box fulfillment service looking to help businesses by providing an all-encompassing service to help them with package delivery options. Subscription boxes are one of our specialties, but we can also help our clients in areas such as:

  • Amazon Prep Work
  • E-Commerce Fulfillment
  • Retail and Wholesale Fulfillment
  • Crowd Funding Projects

If you have products you want to have mailed out, we can take care of you to help you save money.

Options for Subscription Box Services

Are you interested in what fulfillment service options are for you? Here’s how we work:

  • No Setup Fees, Low Minimum Orders, No Contracts
    • Many other fulfillment services will require you to pay an initial fee, or demand a minimum number of box orders. We don’t believe that’s a healthy way to build a partnership. With us, we handle your boxes the way you want, when you want–all with no setup costs.
  • Everything Hassle-Free
    • Everything about your boxes is handled by us. This makes sure there’s zero hassle on your end, and that’s less stress for you.
  • Barcodes
    • We can handle your barcoding for you at only $0.15 per unit. When we receive the inventory, we’ll apply the codes; however, if you’re looking to sell at retail stores, you’ll likely want an official UPC barcode.
  • Package Material
    • We offer over 500 different materials that can be used for packaging. From boxes to bubble wrap, poly bags, bubble rolls, packing peanuts, and more. Customize your boxes the way you want them to be delivered, giving you a lot of control over how we’ll handle your sales.
  • Assembly and Sorting
    • For subscription boxes especially, there may be some assembly of the boxes needed. This is also something we are capable of doing for you.
  • Storage Options
    • Need your boxes stored? We can offer various storage options for you with different rates.
  • On-Time Arrivals and Notifications
    • When trusting us with subscription box delivery, you can rely on your boxes arriving on-time every time. Additionally, you and your subscribers will be notified about all package details so that the only surprises are the ones inside the package.
  • Error-Free Picking
    • Everything that comes into Ship Sensei will have its own barcode, which will help us ensure perfect accuracy with all your items.

Call Our Miami Fulfillment Center Or Other Locations!

If you’re a small business looking to capitalize on the trend of subscription box services, we at Ship Sensei are the place you should call. When it comes to handling your boxes, you want everything to be handled seamlessly all in one place. This will not only make it significantly easier and faster for you, but also will save you money as you won’t be paying fees from all different kinds of companies. Be sure to contact us at our Miami fulfillment center or other locations!